Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Our Girl Lil

Since we moved, Lilly Ann has a new lease on life.  I think the years were beginning to tell on her 
at the old place. 

She has been very playful today. 


I wish I could have gotten her on camera throwing that toy up in the air and dancing all around the room with it... while it was "talking"... because she kept chomping the sound button inside it. 

There are quiet times, too.  We notice that the two dogs are sleeping together a lot more than before. 

Despite her age... she'll be 8 this summer... Lil is still a big, strong dog.  

She gets to go with me in the car now almost daily... to visit the old place, and do errands.  For a dog that never went anywhere for years... she's happy to climb in and go bye bye. 
She's our girl!