Saturday, August 1, 2015

Catching up on Pictures

I did not realize I had not posted since Tuesday or Wednesday 
until this morning. 

Today is "Post Positive" day in Blogland, and I am 
going to try to do that. 

On a positive note, I upgraded to Windows 10.  So far, 
I positively like it... but... my card slot seems to 
have quit reading camera cards and I can't get 
my pictures to come down from the camera! 

I am still trying to work it out. 

Lil kind of looks like she's snorkeling in this picture. 

How she loves Troy's pond! 

And our boy is going in a few inches now, too.  The pond is now down about a foot from it's highest level a month ago. 

Many of the flowers of the waysides are beginning to fade now. 

And a few others have just begun to bloom. 

These beautiful berries are growing on a tree just outside the door of the Ag Hall.... 
does anyone know what they are?  The marker for this tree has become lost. 

This beautiful butterfly rested on a zinnia head at the old house. 

My favorite little herd was already bathing when I drove by the other morning.  See the bull out in front?  I love how the calves all hang together. 

Um... they weren't looking at the dogs and me... 

They were watching this handsome guy. 

Especially after he started moving around! 

Eventually, he moved off across the pond.  I have not seen him there, though, since. 

I've also shown you this small herd of Herefords several times.  Imagine my surprise on Thursday when I found a tiny little calf with them.  See the other calves?  Twice it's size! 
Must have been a very late breeding. 

The hummers have been very active lately! 

I am starting to see multiple birds regularly. 

On Thursday, I helped with the annual board meeting at the Ag Hall. 

Guest speakers were the Peterson Farm Brothers, of internet, blogging and You Tube Video fame.  For those of you who don't recognize them, they have had 3,000,000 views of their video parodies on You Tube.  (I'm Farming and I Grow It, etc.)... They are actually a farming family from Assyria, Kansas, who started the parodies as a joke... they took off... the young men, one a college graduate (Greg, on the left) and the other two, Kendall and Nathan respectively, are studying at K State and still helping on the farm.  Their Dad, Mom, and sister Laura also came... Laura, now 15, held the camera for them to film the first few videos.  

These young men have now become spokespeople for American Farmers, and have spoken in Germany, Canada and Australia at farming meetings and conventions.  

Greg left for South Africa on Friday morning, to speak at another convention. 

You know I don't do selfies! 

Here is Charles, a fellow volunteer, Nathan, your blogger, Greg, Judy, the heart and soul of the Ag Hall, Kendall, and Laura, little sister to the boys and video assistant. 

We did not wear our normal tee shirts and shorts "uniform" for board meeting day! 

This was a wonderful family, and the parents as nice as the kids.  It was 
such a pleasure to meet them in person, especially as I had followed their videos on You Tube and on Facebook for the last two years, and laughed at them many times! 

I would love to show you pictures of the last two days... IF I COULD DOWNLOAD THEM! 

Just sayin'. 

In truth, my Dell has been telling me for a month that it is almost 
full, and I have been frantically moving pictures to an external hard drive. 
I think it's time for a real tech to look at it and get the glitches out for me. 

Here is a Keith update: 

He has switched this week from four-times-a-day dialysis at home, to 
nocturnal dialysis.  So far... so good!  His days have become free again, 
and he is getting into the rythym of the new schedule, and is looking 
forward to being able to get things done without having to run home and do a session. 

He is feeling good, too!  That's the best thing.