Thursday, March 26, 2015

This and That

Here is my rinky-dink pen for the rooster in the feed room. 
Remember, there are two roosters, who fight when together. 

Rosster Blooey has been out with the flock for six weeks, 
while Rooster Cogburn languished in the feed room, just seeing the hens through 
the wire.  I finally started making him an enclosure so he could go out 
on the deck during the day.  

I'm laughing as I look at it... that's Rooster Blooey peering out. 

No, Cogburn never came onto the deck, I never found poop. 

Blooey is NOT happy. 

One of these things is not like the others. 

Cogburn is looking pretty proud, and he got right to business. 
I'm glad he's outside, but I hope he leads the girls in tonight. 

I have to tell you, I won't stay up all night worrying! 

Crows are so beautiful... and they are the smartest birds! 

And you know what... Looking at this picture, this almost looks like a raven!  Is that beak black???

The smaller birds are NOT happy when the crows are there. 

These guys are bullies, too. 

I've only seen a very few hawks lately. 

I caught this guy flying over a pasture. 

And then he sped off! 

And in the basement... 
the little plants groweth...

Except it's now very evident that I dumped all the teensy 
coleus seeds into the same container. 

I'm going to let them grow on for a bit and then see if 
I can divide them into individual containers with a smoother 
growth medium. 

We'll see how that goes!